3D Printers

Professional 3D Printers for Office Projects, Rapid Prototyping, and Production

ProJet HD Series

There is a reasonably priced ProJet 3D Printer for every business need and application. As the oldest 3D Systems 3D Printer Reseller & Service Partner for Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas we help companies select and setup the right 3D printers for their needs.

We Offer the Complete ProJet Professional and ZPrinter 3D Printer Lines:

3D Printer Support & Service

From 3D printer selection to setup and support, our experienced 3D printer professionals work with companies to get their 3D printing capabilities up and running to fit their applications and budgetary requirements. We are also happy to answer your questions after the initial installation and will help make sure you get the most out of your 3D printer based on your applications and needs.

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Call 1 (832) 838-5997 or contact us online to learn about 3D printers, how they work, how to use them, and costs.


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Call Us At (832) 838-5997