ProJet 6000 Production 3D Printer

Extreme Accuracy, Smooth Surface Finish, and a Wide Range of Materials Options

projet 6000 3d printer supplierThe ProJet 6000 Production 3D Printer prints the highest quality parts available using proprietary SLA — Stereolithography — technology.

Its speed and cost-effective operation make it an excellent 3D printer for production of parts and prototypes and its exceptional accuracy makes it the top choice for producing micro parts with fine details.

The primary benefits of SLA and the ProJet 6000 3D Printer include:

  • Exceptional Print Accuracy & Definition
  • Wide Range of Material Options
  • Extreme Fine Detail Capabilities
  • Heat Resistant Materials
  • Transparent Materials
  • Fine Finish
  • Easy to Use Touch Screen Interface

We are happy to send literature, answer your questions, and even provide demonstrations of the ProJet 6000 3D printer.

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Video: The SLA Process

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